In Praise of Pledge

Back when I was a lad bands were signed by record companies. They’d pay for you to go in a studio and record an album, cover the losses you made playing live to promote the album, and lay out cash to advertise and make a video.

On top of that they employed people to get you on the radio and in the press.

Then came the internet. People could steal any music the record companies put out without paying for it so they stopped signing bands. They would sign someone who was on X Factor or who had made a record with drum machines and synthesizers for tuppence in their bedroom and had a few thousand views on YouTube. But laying out loads of money on a bunch of unknown soap dodgers with drum kits and guitars? Forget it.

Spotify and YouTube came along and made stealing the music a waste of time but the amount paid for even thousands of views or listens is pennies compared to the pounds earned on CDs and vinyls.

Playing live when you are not big doesn’t cover it either. Generally gigs outside of Friday and Saturday mean no one comes to see you, and if they come they pay a fiver. 50 people paying £5 is £250 to pay the venue, hotel, petrol etc ….

So how do guitar bands have any chance of getting the money together to make a record?

Step forward PledgeMusic:

Check out the site by following the link. Basically fans make the album possible by pre-ordering, or buying any of the things put up to get the money to make a record. In return fans take part in the journey by getting exclusive insights into its making and getting their hands on the album before anyone else.

We are putting a Pledge campaign together because we want to start recording in February. If you join our campaign you will not only be able to to pre-order the record but also:

  • Have us play in your front room
  • Arrange a private concert
  • Buy my purple bass
  • Go to dinner with us
  • Sing on the album
  • Spend a day in the mixing studio hearing the tracks come together
  • Have a track dedicated to you or a loved one on the sleeve
  • Have a credit on the sleeve as someone who made the record happen
  • Buy that damn Welsh flag that pops up unwanted on my mike stand
  • Have exclusive access to news and videos as the album progresses
  • Buy Sophie Powers

Actually the last one isn’t true (but if the offer is high enough …………..)

There is going to be a load more so look out for the launch, climb on board and lets do this together!


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