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Pre Order Album 6 plus Free CD of Your Choice


We’ve started recording a new work of genius. Please help us finish it without stretching our credit cards to death by pre-ordering. The LP will undoubtedly be in some shade of bad taste, coloured vinyl that looks almost as good as it sounds. Each pre-order will come with a choice of any of our first 4 CDs (Little Big Head, Difficult 2nd Album, Bombs Away, Don’t Blame Yourself). If you don’t listen to CDs or have them all don’t worry. It’s free. Just find a good home for it. If, on the other hand, you’d like 2 extra CDs, just chose that option to get a free CD plus another for only an extra £3.

All pre-orders will be signed by the band.

Just place your order and email duncan@littlebighead.co.uk to tell us which CD you want.

If you want to some insight into how the songs were written and how they developed to the final version you can also order a CD of all the demos.