Here it is: “Don’t Blame Yourself”

First reviews are coming in and all are agreed that “Don’t Blame Yourself” is our best yet:

Here’s the first video from the album: “To Live or Live Not”.

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Yellow Vinyl LP

The best way to buy this superb record. Can also be placed under your chin while facing a sun lamp to obtain that all over glow


Purple Vinyl LP

Same as the yellow one but pointless to put under your chin as that won't work with the darker shade of vinyl


Digipak CD

Both Purple and Yellow , but mainly purple so keep it away from your chin. All the lyrics, song notes, lots of lovely pics etc. way better than the stream!


T Shirt of the Album Cover

Be the envy of your friends in this made to measure haute couture garment. Available in XXL, XL, L,M, S, Girls M&S. Make a note on the paypal instruction as to which you want or follow up with an email to