Our 3 albums are available to stream, download, on CD and Vinyl LP.

We also have purple vinyl!

Purple Vinyl

To buy direct from us please email or go to our Bandcamp site here where you can also download albums or tracks in the highest quality with liner notes and photos.

If you have a Spotify account you can hear Little Big Head by searching for Duncan Reid and The Difficult Second Album and Bombs Away by searching for Duncan Reid and the Big Heads 

Spotify players Here:



Bombs Away: the title track from out latest album can be watched here


And here is C’mon Josephine:


The Difficult 2nd Album: videos from our second album include C’est la Vie here,

Baby Doll here

and a great live version of One Night in Rio here


Little Big Head: videos include Montevideo here,

Kelly’s Gone Insane here,

Rolling On here,

Gotta Call Simone here

and Aren’t Women Wonderful here.


Live videos include 77 here

and All Fall Down here

Nick Karen Dundalk


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