An Evening for Debbie and Carl

Debbie and Carl before it all started

Some people just deserve a break and we want to ask you to help us give one.

Debbie and Carl North are two of the most generous, kind hearted people you will meet. Carl is a big Chelsea fan but for the purposes of this message I would ask you to put that to the back of your mind and forgive him.

Debbie, on the other hand, has absolutely no faults at all.

Debbie has been in the wars for a few years now. It started off as a mystery illness which stopped her working and became worse from there. Just recently Carl has been able to take her out of the house in a wheelchair but a stroke kept her prisoner at home for over a year.

Debbie with some very fine Birthday presents

I won’t go fully into Debbie’s symptoms as they are just too many but among the worst is that, for a women who likes to natter (and boy does she like to natter), she can’t communicate.

Earning money in this time, with Carl required to be a full time carer, hasn’t been easy especially as Debbie had to give up work as a newly qualified lawyer.

So, on December 7 everyone involved with our show at The Brighton Electric (Plague UKStone Heroes and Change Persona) have decided to make it a benefit for Debbie and Carl.

It’s a great little venue with the best sound I’ve ever heard. There are details here on the facebook event page including a ticket link.

So: please try to make a trip to Brighton to support the cause if you can. It’s a great seaside town for a pre-Christmas trip. If you can’t make it, perhaps consider buying a ticket anyway, whether or not as a present for someone who can get along.

So, let’s have a great time and raise some money to give Debbie and Carl a break

Brighton Electric
Brighton Electric -see you there!



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