Win a Poster of a Classic Gig that Never Was and Support Live Music


On 29 October 2010 The Boys were booked to play with the Damned and 999 in Dusseldorf, Germany. A very exciting prospect as I hadn’t seen The Damned since our days playing with them at The Roxy in 1977, a night on which Led Zeppelin came down to check us all out and John Bonham tried to force his way onto the drum stool until Jack, our drummer, told him to go forth and multiply. And it’s always a pleasure to play with 999.

At the last minute in 2010, though, word came through that Dave Vanian had suffered a back injury and The Damned wouldn’t be appearing. As the show went ahead it was with some trepidation that we took the stage. Would the audience feel short changed and vent their frustration by demanding their money back, stomping off into the night while we played to an empty hall?

We needn’t have worried. Everyone stayed and a good time was had.

Having a clear out in these lockdown days I came across the only 3 remaining posters for the show. Three unique items for a fantastic bill which didn’t happen then and will never, ever again (at least with me).

In these strange and hard times live venues, fighting to survive before, will struggle to open their doors again when the world gets round to letting them. When they are gone, they will be gone and we will all be the poorer.

So I’m having a go at auctioning off these 3 wonderfull, large (62 x 86 cm), unique posters in aid of #SaveOurVenues

Please, visit the Auction Page here place your bid, grab a brilliant momento and help us support a great cause. Top 3 bids will each receive a poster.

And while you are at it, please share this post wherever you can to get the maximum exposure possible. Thank you and good luck.

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2 thoughts on “Win a Poster of a Classic Gig that Never Was and Support Live Music

  1. I remember that night very well. Also without the Damned it was a terrific night, if my memory is OK, Vom from die Toten Hosen was on the drums with the Boys as well.
    Great show. 😊🥁💯📸

    1. Ypu have a good memory Michael. Vom played with us for a few years then

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