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You might have caught the following which I posted on Facebook yesterday:

“A year ago to this day a good friend of mine dropped dead on stage. Yep, it’s some way to go but still sad as Tomy of The Mamushkas was a great fella and left behind a lovely family and much unfulfilled potential. On my first solo tour of South America the good looking bugger played guitar for me and a great job he did too. We kicked off the tour in Buenos Aires with a barbeque at his house. The thing was lit at 11pm on a school night and, as is the Argentinian way, all the children and people who had to get up for work in the morning came round to join in. Good times were always important for Tomy as they seem to be for the whole of Argentina.

Have a listen to this great song he wrote about his hero Joe Strummer. A bunch of his friends both north and south of the equator have got together to recreate it which I’ll share later on so you can compare and contrast. They are very different.”

I’m very proud to be part of the following trans global collaboration alongside many amigos including TV Smith https://www.tvsmith.com/ Vom Ritchie of Die Totenhosen https://www.dietotenhosen.de/en/ (who I of course played with in The Boys) From South America contributors include Pil Chalar and Juan Papponeti (who also played guitar on that first tour). The full cast of characters is at the end of the video and all deserve credit.

Lovingly put together by Chino Chinasky and Mariano Asch (who promoted the tour) my contribution is, of course, superb. The usual combination of inspired bass playing, beautiful backing oohs, ahhs, harmonies etc. and a heartfelt lead vocal.

But I have to say we’ve all been outdone by young Alex Musatov https://www.facebook.com/musatovmusic/ The video is worth watching if only for some of the most exquisite violin you will hear from this master of the Tango and much else. Compare and contrast with the original.

Rock on Tomy.

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