In Conversation with Peter Antony

Peter Antony
I’ve written many times about how lucky we are to live in an age of internet radio and the heroes who give us an alternative to the format driven blandness which grew up after the pirate ships of the 60s were closed down (briefly interspersed with exceptions like John Peel).

One of those heroes is Peter Antony (Interview Here)

King of freewheeling classic rock (past, present and future), Peter can be heard: Each Saturday from 1 pm UK time on Radio Caroline (Listen Here) Weekdays from 5 till 7 on (Listen Here) And all over the world, all the time on his syndicated show: Q Burn (E.g. here in Germany on Radio Marabu) As you’ll see from our chat Peter has been really supportive of the Big Heads to the point where he even cropped up in one of our songs (Wasting Time). Here we discus the state of radio, his career and acquaintances we’ve both come across. BTW: Radio Caroline was recently declared one of the top 10 radio stations in the UK by The Times:
The Times
Times Caroline

Here’s our chat:

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