Your Future Ex Wife

Your Future Ex Wife Cover

Your Future Ex Wife

Another beauty for your collection on vinyl. Our friends at Hiljaiset Levyt & Supersounds in Finland have released a 7″ of our tale of wicked, subterranean tricksters swindling gullible London bankers with more money than sense out of their riches.

On the B Side you’ll find 2 unreleased tracks: “Can We Stop Having Fun”, recorded for “Don’t Blame Yourself”, and “Close But No Cigar”, a superb demo written for “Bombs Away” but not recorded. Listening to it now I have no idea why not as it is yet another work of genius.

For now our copies are held up in our store in Hamburg while we hatch a cunning plan to overcome boring, post Brexit nonsense and get them into the UK. So please feel welcome to hit the button at the bottom of this page and order direct from Finland on Discogs (low number orders don’t face the same issues).

While you wait in eager anticipation for your order to arrive here is the A Side on Spotify:

And if you must listen to those Google owned thieves at YouTube (who use our music and pay us sod all for it), here it is there. 

But best of all, hit the button and “enter paradise”.

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