Play Live with the Big Heads at the 100 Club on May 24

We played Scotland Calling recently ( and like at most gigs we headed out front after and ended up at the bar. We had a fun couple of hours chatting with people, taking photos and signing things (especially enjoyable if the item had just been purchased from our merch stall!).

Obligatory Post gig in the bar shennanigan

“Most bands charge for this”, said a nice man with a smile on his face. “Really?” we said. “What, else do they charge for?”.

“Well, Stiff Little Fingers charge £500 for someone to play with them at a soundcheck”. “Bloody Hell” we said, or something similar.

But then the brain gears started whirring. We are in the middle of fund raising for our new album ( ) and every little helps.

So, if you are hard enough, and for the price of an extra day for us in the studio (i.e. £300) you can go one better than all those SLF fans who merely play at the soundcheck.

You can actually appear with us on stage, playing First Time (which is dead easy. See here: ) at the 100 Club on May 24.

If you are a little shy we are equally happy for you to play at the soundcheck.

Think you can do it? Just email

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