Help Us Make a New Album

We are making a new album and you can play a vital part in making it happen. Have a look below and join in, from pre-ordering a signed CD to something more adventurous and, of course, expensive!

If there’s something not there you’d like to see, contact us on But remember: give us your money!!

Please note: All of the following prices include UK post/paypal/credit card charges etc. If you are outside the UK and items need to be sent by post please add the following: Mainland Europe £2.00, Rest of World £3.00

New Album Download

A full download of our new, lovingly created album, delivered to you by means of this new fangled interweb. Tracklisting to be released as we record the damn thing. Please note, in the time honoured tradition of all scoundrels we have knocked the princely sum of 1 pee off the price in the vain hope you won’t realise that it costs Eight Quid


Signed CD

A beautifully crafted CD, wonderfully signed by all of us, just as soon as we learn to write.


Hand Written Lyric Sheet

An exclusive, painstakingly hand written lyric sheet for one of the songs on the album and we promise it will not be an instrumental!


Acoustic House Concert

The entire band will visit a location of your choice and play an acoustic set of at least one hour. Location to be in the UK. Travel costs to be added if more than 2 hours by car. If the location is your home we promise that we are house trained and that the cutlery you inherited from your granny is safe.


Full Band Concert

We will come to any venue you specify and play. We will help you sell tickets if you wish to invite members of the public. Who knows, you might end up a millionare! UK only I’m afraid and we may need to agree travel and accomodation costs.



We will create an exclusive T Shirt for this campaign with artwork based on the album cover.


Signed Purple Vinyl LP

Signed Purple Vinyl LP. A magnificent traditional vinyl, sounding enourmous and as clear as a mountain stream. Signed by the whole band and delivered to you in the colour of your choice, as long as it’s purple.


Signed Black Vinyl LP

Exactly the same as the purple one above except it's black. For the more discreet and sombre amongst you


Demos of the album -Signed CDR

When the album is just a twinkle in his eye, Duncan makes a home recording of all the songs to send to the band to add their ideas. These demos incorporate drums, bass, guitars, vocals, backing vocals and keyboards. Hear how the songs start their life and compare the changes as the Big Heads add their ideas to come up with the finished item.


Album Launch Show

Just prior to release we’ll have a London show for Pledgers. Be sure of your place!


A Big Heads Bass Pick or Guitar Pick used on the album

It’s only a small piece of plastic. But what a beautiful small piece of plastic. and it will be used to make such melifluous, flowing bass lines the like of which have never been heard. Please note, when used the picks become worn round the edges. This picture is “before”. Alternatively you may prefer a guitar pick touched by the hands of gods, apart from the one which belongs to a guitar goddess.


Playback Party

The minute the album is mastered, the final process in the recording process, we will organise a playback party in a bar in London, or possibly at Nick Hughes’ flat where he will delight us with his rock solid chilli jam sauce (dentists will be on hand to repair damage). 2 drinks provided.


Promotional Video Download or DVDR

There will be promo video. It will feature all of us in all our glory. What will it be about? Which song will it be? Where will it be shot? Not a bloody clue! But we will update you as those decisions are made. What we do know is that you will receive a Hi Res copy in your favoured format of download or DVDR, the latter signed if you desire.


The Duncanbacker

By far and away the coolest bass guitar that ever existed, a unique customised, purple, mono Rickenbacker to die for. Guaranteed to turn you into a rock god, it comes with a swat to deal with all the women who will feel uncontrollably drawn toward you when held, be you male or female. Shipping costs will be calculated with buyer after purchase


Nick’s Guitar

Does not necessarily need to be played from a great height. A beautiful Les Paul Custom from 2004. Comes complete with blood, sweat and tequila absorbed in to it. Shipping costs will be calculated with buyer after purchase


Painting by Janette Decker 60cm x 60 cm

Lovingly hand crafted by Janette Decker this masterpiece is looking for a deserving home Shipping costs will be calculated with buyer after purchase


Dinner with the Big Heads

Are you brave enough to go out to dinner with us. You pay the travel, pick up the bill and we will go to the eatery of your choice for nosh. We’ll even go to your home if you want to cook and promise not to pocket the cutlery


That Damn Welsh Flag

The bane of his life, this cursed flag has turned up all over the world on Duncan’s mike stand, placed there secretly by some sneaky welsh trickstress who should be getting on with sorting her guitar pedals out so that we can start the damn show on time!


Drumsticks Used On the Recording

Get yourself a pair of drumsticks signed by Karen Jones and used on the recording (guaranteed to have been chewed by Sophie Powers)