Hands Up To Help Us Make a New album

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Hands Up to Help Us Make a New Album

Yep. We’ve nearly finished another album. Can you believe it, if we include the best live album of all time “Live at Akkurat”, it’s our sixth! And I’m telling you now it’s going to be a belter.

You can really help by pre-ordering. If you do you’ll get a signed copy at a great price plus one of our previous CDs thrown in. You might have them all or you might not listen to CDs but it’ll still be the best birthday or Christmas present you can give for goodness sake.

You can also pre order a copy of all the demos to see how the songs developed between being written and being recorded.

To whet your appetite here’s a first mix of one of the tracks:

I mean, that is a brilliant song and there are plenty of others as well. And as usual the lyrics are the best you will ever hear. Imagine Boris Johnson singing his equivalent of “My Way”, another about arguing on the internet with idiots and getting nowhere, another about a major discovery I made about myself in the last few months! You’ll have to get the album to find out about that and you can make sure you are first to do so, and at the same time play a vital role in helping us make it, by hitting the following button:

Just for good measure, here’s another snippet from a demo. It’s just the vocals to show off how brilliant they are. Can you wait?!!!

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2 thoughts on “Hands Up To Help Us Make a New album

  1. Sounding great! Ordered. Best wishes from The Punk and the Princess.

    We will resume on uk fm soon and of course will feature…

    1. FM! Nice one. Thanks so much Daniel. Can’t wait to take part in your madness again!

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