All Things Must Pass

All Things Must Pass

All Things Must Pass

There’s a scene in “Let it Be”, the brilliant documentary about the Beatles on Disney, when George Harrison starts to play the best song he ever wrote. A haunting, profound song about how nothing lasts for ever and we all pass on. Paul McCartney and John Lennon aren’t really interested and the song doesn’t make the album. No wonder George was frustrated.

 For us, also, this will be the year when we move on. Not quite yet and there are some great things to come, but later this year will be the last time we play together. Why? I’m sure you are asking, and the reasons are many.

The last album we will make is nearly finished and it’s a belter. If you liked the first four it will be a contender for best of the lot. On it you’ll find out that I recently made a dramatic discovery about myself which has changed my life for the better. Intrigued? You should be, but you’ll have to wait for the album to find out what it is.

 Perhaps for this reason, perhaps because I’m now a grandad, perhaps because I’m just getting old, once the last album is out I will be extremely satisfied and proud of what I have done – to put it mildly. I just don’t feel the need to carry on doing it. And that’s the key.

Once you lose the need to do this wonderful thing other factors come into play. There’s the dreaded Brexit of course. It’s about as bad as we expected with its cost and paperwork.

I’m really not inclined to be bothered with all the hassle and cost Brexit has inflicted on us but we’ve still played some great festivals and concerts in the past year and it would be fair to say this unique act of self harm is part, but not all, of the reason.

I know many of you will be very sad and I thank you whole heartedly for that and apologize. Truly the most wonderful part of this adventure since I left the Boys has been the joy of meeting people all over the world who literally love us. The guy in an Osaka street with the second album under his arm, the crowd in the Clash City Rockers bar in Montevideo singing that song at the top of their voices and making us play it twice, the teenage girls at Wynchwood star struck and inspired by Sophie and Karen …. The list is endless and I thank you all eternally.


And I thank the Big Heads as well. I always wanted to be in a band who are as good at showing off as I am and we did it. I thank them for being show offs and I thank them for being musically brilliant. I’m so proud of them and, boy, we had some fun and created some memories along the way.

But it’s not over yet.

The new album is out in the summer. Please click the button below to pre order it as, with no touring to sell it, we will be pressing a limited run and I wouldn’t want you to miss out.

And have a look at the shows we have coming up and get along if you can. We’ll also be organising a farewell bash in London for early October so look out for that.

So not quite but nearly goodbye. An Indian Summer to make the most of and celebrate over 12 years of amazing achievement.

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28 thoughts on “All Things Must Pass

  1. Good luck Duncan, let me know if you are going to be playing locally before you retire to wherever xxx

    1. Cheers Hugh. We won’t be in Brighton I’m afraid

  2. Can I buy your bass rig? ❤️

  3. so proud to have shared a stage and seem you plenty of times – some great memories of a bunch of big heads

    1. And it’s been a pleasure to know you as well Fleagle

  4. Sharing a bill with you in Philadelphia will always be a happy memory. You all were amazing, one of the best shows I’ve seen in my decades of doing this. Thanks for the good times and great tunes, happy retirement!

    1. What a hot night that was! And great to play with you 😊

  5. Wow we were definitely very privileged to have you guys play at our wedding something that we will always treasure . Thanks once again 💜💙

    1. And we were privileged to play there. One of our special nights

  6. Thanks for the great music and especially the live shows. I always came away happy and i always thought you were one of the best live bands on the circuit. Both sharon and myself will miss you all. All the best for the future everybody,Craig.

    1. You’ve been such a great supporter Craig. Thanks so much

  7. Phew! A bit surprising, but still, very understandable. For every entertainer, there will be the last gig, and luckily you’ve decided it yourself.
    Thanks ever so much for the gigs and the music.
    Hopefully we’ll meet in Blackpool Rebellion.
    All the best for the future.

    1. Thanks Jalmari and see you in Blackpool!

  8. You’ll have to come over to Ireland ….better still up here to Donegal !!

    1. Shame we didn’t get there before. Our last gig before lockdown was Dundalk. About the nearest we got

  9. Duncan, your truly stunning and energetic live performances as a band will be sadly missed, as will your ability to bounce, hop, skip, jump and play faultless bass while singing in addition to being a general smartarse up there! Great band, great frontman, great music. Rock on.

    1. I think you’ve summed me up! 🙂

  10. Good luck to you Duncan. It was great being at all the gigs with you . Spain was fantastic! Raffling your vocals in a box was unique to say the least!! It was a pleasure to invade the stage in Berlin and (try to ) sing along with a great frontman and band !
    All the best for the future 👏

    1. Good luck to you too Graeme. It’s been great having you along

  11. It’s not possible for anyone to keep up the pace that you have forever. Incredible that you’ve done it so well for so long. I am lucky to have seen you in NYC in 1981 and in Jersey City in 2018. Both highlights of the decades of shows that I’ve seen (since 1967). You’re never too old to rock and roll.


    1. That’s very kind. Thanks mate

  12. Best of luck on future endeavors whatever they may be and congratulations on becoming a Grad Pop,it was nice meeting you and your bandmates and sharing the stage with you.

    1. Philly was one of our highlights Joey. Great to have met you

  13. Duncan and the band… I am shocked to read this. But I get it. However, I will look at this as a break. I think (hope) you will be back. The good side is that we will be able to see each other more often. May 9th is in my diary. Lastly, thanks for the name drop in ‘Wasting Time’. PA. Radio Caroline.

    1. Thanks for all your support Peter. It’s been a major help over the years

  14. Sad to hear you’re stopping but what a great reason!! Enjoy your future and keep rocking, in your chair lol

    1. That chair is going to take a beating!

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