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Bombs Away LP

In luxurious vinyl a stunning collection of songs about life, love and viagra.


Bombs Away CD

Same as the LP but it’s a CD!


The Difficult Second Album LP

In glorious vinyl jolly reflections on Old Age, Autism and Stalkers (among others)


The Difficult Second Album CD

Same songs as the vinyl but smaller


Little Big Head CD

We've sold out of LPs so get the CD!


Kelly’s Gone Insane -Limited Edition Vinyl EP

Released on Crocodile Records, a 300 items only of this track from Little Big Head backed by the previously (physically) unreleased Pretty Little Rachel and Baby Baby


T Shirts

Design incorporating all of the band in all our glory plus logo. Available in 2XL (Now Sold Out), XL, L, M, S and Ladies L. Please specify your size on the paypal order


New Logo T Shirt

You can't beat a round logo. It was good enough for The Ramones so it's good enough for us. Except ours is purple, so there Joey! Available in S,M,L, XL & XXL


Blag Bag

Declare your enthusiasm for the band while transporting items from A to B!


Purple Bag

Do the same as you can with a black bag but with more elan!



We have an assortment of badges. On the paypal order please put which ones you want by specifying its position on the phote. E.g. "2nd from the left"