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Writing a Song During Lockdown -a Video Diary

This month (April 2020) the lockdown came. As corona virus stalked the land movement was restricted and mass gatherings forbidden in every country bar Sweden. With a new album out in May all the tours and festivals we had worked hard to string together over the rest of the year fell apart one by one.

Initially lethargy and despair set in. With not even any sport on the TV, apart from the Belarus Football Premier League, which started getting unprececdented viewing figures, I started spending way too much time watching Netflix (Better Call Saul and Ozark if you are interested).

Then I thought: “This won’t do. I’m going to write a song”. Noticing that a good many musicians were broadcasting from home, playing an acoustic guitar on the sofa, I thought: “I’ll do something different. I’ll keep a video diary as I write the song explaining what and how I’m doing it”.

It proved one of the most popular things I have done. So much so that people clamoured (well, ……… a person clamoured) to download the song.

So, here are all the stages. From a blank piece of paper, through starting the demo with drums and guitar, writing the lyrics, recording the lead vocal, adding the bass and embellishing with overdubs, keyboards, harmonies and Backing Vocals. A journey through to a finished demo which you can download here:

Enjoy the ride!

The Blank Piece of Paper
Setting up the Demo
Guide Guitar
Lead Vocal
Bass Guitar
The End
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Duncan and Sophie with Vive Le Rock

At the height of Lockdown Duncan & Sophie spoke on Zoom with Vive Le Rock’s ( Paula Frost about life, the Big Heads and “Don’t Blame Yourself”. Including clips from “Don’t Blame Yourself” here it is:

Part 1
Part 2

Don’t forget: Pre Order “Don’t Blame Yourself” here:

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“Don’t Blame Yourself” Launch Date -A Decision

As you will perhaps have seen we had set the release date for our 4th album: “Don’t Blame Yourself” for May 15. Not unsurprisingly, the wonderful people at our distributor, Cherry Red, told us a few weeks ago that, with no record shops open and shipping lines disrupted, they aren’t releasing any new records in May.

They are therefore putting the physical release back to a date yet to be determined.

That gave us a few headaches. Normally you would chose the same date it comes out on Spotify/Apple Music etc to get records in the shops and on Amazon etc. You’d have a launch show around that date and start bugging press and radio in the run up.

But, we are so desperate to get this great album out that we are going to stick to May 15.

This means that, on that date, it won’t be available in shops or online physical sellers but it will be on Spotify etc (if you want to make sure you are notified by Spotify please follow us there on this page:

If you want an LP or CD you can preorder through our shop here: and we’ll get them out to you. Or you can buy through our Bandcamp page (which is the same except they charge us 10% to tell us where to send stuff -downloading there is better for us than iTunes etc though).

If you pledged up front for the album thank you so much for doing so and we will get your stuff out to you in advance when we get them this month.

We are, on the other hand, putting the release show back from May 14 to July 9. A: it’s looking increasingly unlikely things will be back to some form of normality by May 14 and B: July 9 is my birthday so that’ll be fun.

If you’ve bought tickets already they will be valid for the new date and if you want one they can be bought here:

On a final note, if you have a blog, radio show, magazine etc please email us at for our release pack, interview requests etc and we’ll be delighted to serve you.

That’s all. As you were. Back to song writing and potato planting!